Since the founding of the Sierra Club, one of the key tenets of our organization is to promote the exploration of the wild and natural world.

No one will protect what they do not value, no one will value what they do not know, and you will never know the wild unless you explore it!


In the spirit of exploration we host monthly outings via the countless parks, preserves, trails, and waterways of our state. We hope you will join us!


Who will protect nature if it is not enjoyed and valued?


We believe enjoyment by all who experience Nature develops interest and desire to preserve and protect Connecticut and its environment. May it also foster a spirit of goodwill and fellowship among our members.


Our organization understands all too well the role that government plays in environmental conservation.

At the state level, the Sierra Club of Connecticut does all it can legally to protect our state and our fellow citizens by lobbying our local government. Our goals are to guide our representatives to make the right decisions pertaining to a clean and healthy environment, natural spaces and clean energy.


We employ vast experience with our senior volunteer lobbyist,we organize major rallies and marches on the capitol when necessary, we host days specifically to visit the legislators' office to lobby for and against upcoming legislation, and we inform our members and the public when and how to take action to protect and preserve what they hold most dear.


As you navigate through this website you will learn more about the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club, and the challenges we and the environment face locally and throughout our nation. If you feel as strongly about the Planet as we do, join us and/or donate to our cause to help explore, enjoy and protect Connecticut and its natural environment. Help us lead the fight against fools who would throw away all we honor and respect.

Contact Us!

connecticut.chapter@sierraclub.org | (860) 578-4750 | PO Box 270595, West Hartford, CT 06127

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